Why Choose SEO Idaho

Superior Results from Idaho's Best SEO Company

SEO Idaho is the state’s premier search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and web development agency. We consistently rank our clients on Page 1 of Google’s search engine results page (SERP), often in the top 3 positions, across a variety of professional disciplines and competitive landscapes for both local and national searches. Staffed with experienced and professional SEO specialists and web developers, we build secure, functional, and eye-catching websites with a focus on SEO. Our SEO specialists work hand-in-hand with our development team to ensure sites are built with a forward-focus on optimization.

The SEO Idaho Difference

Not all SEO agencies are the same, but it’s likely the vast majority are using the same tools to achieve the same results. We separate ourselves from the competition by using proprietary software and algorithms to surpass other agencies’ results. In addition to using our own software to analyze our on-site SEO tooling, we separate ourselves from competitors by using a vigorous pre-vetting process, digital audits to assess whole-site and web presence health, and by signing strict non-competes.

Pre-Vetting Process

SEO Idaho was founded with a simple core tenant - integrity. It’s this value that drives how we conduct our business and the relationships we cultivate. SEO Idaho will not enter into contractual SEO agreements with businesses not likely to succeed in SEO due to various data points we target. As such, each prospective client undergoes a pre-vetting process to ensure our services will be financially worthwhile to the client. We have an active and ongoing interest in the success of our clients and their businesses and refuse to put a prospective client in a position where they are paying for work that won’t lead to superior results and an exceptional return on investment.

Digital Audits

SEO Idaho is the first SEO agency in the state to perform and deliver comprehensive digital audits to our clients, assessing for website and citation issues across the internet. We believe each website is a valuable asset for any business and we provide our clients with the information needed to maximize that value. We’ll also provide guidance on establishing a unified web presence to enhance a business’s overall digital health.  


Non-Compete Contracts

SEO Idaho regularly and consistently ranks our clients in the top positions on Google Page 1. Our primary goal for SEO is organic search result dominance, and we work diligently to achieve that goal for all our clients. Once your business is in one of the top entries on Google Page 1, we continue to monitor for additional optimization opportunities to strengthen that position and prevent other competitors from moving into a spot occupied by a keyword we’re targeting. As such, we feel it would be dishonest of us, and counter to our culture of integrity, to optimize other clients in the same market. We don’t compete against our own work, and you won’t have to worry about being displaced by other clients we serve. As a sign of our dedication to this belief, we sign strict non-compete contracts. You can rest assured that we will never pit your work against that of one of our other clients.

SEO Idaho was founded in 2012 with a strong desire to win for our clients, with integrity. If you’re looking for guaranteed results and innovative SEO that drives your business to the top of Google SERPs, contact us today.