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Are you searching for exceptional web design services in Boise or the surrounding Treasure Valley? We can help with that, and we'll do it right. Mobile-oriented, or "responsive' website development, involves building websites that are intuitive and able to identify what type of device, browser, and operating system the user is on and adjust accordingly. 68% of all internet traffic arrives via mobile, which means your website is missing a signifcant amount of traffic if it isn't mobile responsive. From a user experience and Google standpoint, mobile-friendly website design is the new standard. SEO Idaho, based in Boise, are experts at mobile website development and optimization. In addition to building beautiful and responsive websites, we focus on implementing great "calls to action," building sales funnels, and opening communication channels with each build. Our goal is to build you a stunning website at an affordable cost that is responsive across devices and leads to increased revenue.


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Design Portfolio


Foreign Development and Free Templates - A Warning

Over the past decade website development costs have flat-lined due to a proliferation of cheap, foreign development and free website templates. While hiring a foreign developer can lead to cost savings up-front, there are likely to be additional development costs incurred down the road. Not to mention communication is often lackluster and frustrating. As a business owner it's imperative you protect your digital assets, and that means hiring a qualified and experienced company to build, manage, and care for those assets.

Regarding free templates on the web, there is a reason they are free. These types of companies have created alternative revenue streams to compensate for the lost revenue that comes from offering free templates.

One method they use to maintain revenue is to lock down the code on your website so you are required to use their paid services for updates or edits. Another problem you'll likely enounter if you go the free-template route is related to Google Search optimization. You can't actually access the raw code of the site to implement custom SEO and integrations. To address this, many of the larger companies offer "SEO" services. What they fail to mention is the optimization is limited to your own business name (in which case you don't need their service to rank at the top of Google).

SEO Idaho's Website Development Workflow

What is the work flow on a website development project with SEO Idaho? Here is an easy to follow outline. We build in WordPress, Joomla, and Shopify. Our team of full stack developers can also help with graphic design, website hosting, and website maintenance services.
Client contacts SEO Idaho for a free, no-obligation, mobile website development quote.
SEO Idaho communicates with the client on the website design proposal outline, including cost, time, & requirements.
Customer signs proposal and SEO Idaho submits design renderings for revisions and feedback.
Client approves final design & provides SEO Idaho with hosting access, or we can set up hosting for your new website.
SEO Idaho goes into website development production.
SEO Idaho submits the project to the client for final revisions. Your new website goes live once the final revisions are completed! :)

SEO Idaho™ Website Design FAQs

Why should I hire SEO Idaho™ to build my website instead of using a site builder like Wix, Weebly, Square, etc.?
Flexibility and access to source code is severely limited on such website builders. While you might be able to create a nice layout and passable design, it’s unlikely the site will continue to meet your needs as your business and marketing requirements grow. If you go with a template builder initially, you will likely need to move to a more flexible website setup in the future, and shifting off the above platforms can be extremely difficult. Save the headache and money, and build your business’s website right from the start with the full stack design and development team at SEO Idaho.

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