Responsive Website Design


Mobile "responsive' website development is basically a website that is intuitive to identify what type of device, browser, and operating system the user is on. 68% of all internet traffic arrives via mobile. From a user experience, to google search, mobile friendly website are the new standard. SEO Idaho are experts at mobile website development and optimization.

Over the past decade website development costs have flat lined due to all the new foreign developers and free website templates on the market. Hiring a foreign developer can lead to cost savings up front, and additional development costs down the road. Not to mention that communication is often lack luster. As for the free templates on the market, there is a reason they are free. These type of companies have underlying objectives. One being that they lock down the code on the site so you are required to use their paid service for updates or changes. Another problem is when you want to optimize your site for google search, you can't actually access the raw code of the site. Many of the larger companies offer SEO services, but what they fail to mention is, the optimization is limited to your own business name, in which case you don't need their service to rank at the top of google.

What is the work flow on a website development project with SEO Idaho? Here is an easy to follow outline.


1) Client contacts SEO Idaho for a free, no obligation, mobile website development quote.


  2) SEO Idaho communicates with the client on the website design proposal outline. Costs, time lines, requirements.


   3) Customer signs proposal and SEO Idaho produces 3 design renderings for the client to choose from.


  4) Client selects new design, provides SEO Idaho with hosting log in, or we can set up hosting for your new website for you.


  5) SEO Idaho goes in to website development production.


 6) SEO Idaho submits project to client for final revisions list. Your new website goes live once final revisions list is completed! :)