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SEO Idaho is a professional search engine optimization company serving Idaho Falls Idaho. Although we are based in Boise Idaho, we have strong ties to the Idaho Falls community. Our president, Adam Minic married his beautiful bride who is originally from Idaho Falls. We prefer to meet our clients in person when possible so we can arrange a SEO meeting in Boise or Idaho Falls. We also provide live skype, email correspondence, text, as well as by phone at 208-867-6925 

We are a local Idaho company with the expertise to get your website found in Google and other major search engine search. For the past 5 years SEO Idaho has been website development and search engine optimization leaders in Idaho. Many small businesses today operate on a shoestring budget. In many cases small Idaho businesses are not able to afford a high dollar marketing team. Small business owners have the daunting task of not only running their business but also learning

the internet marketing landscape. In order to make informed decisions about the  future of their small business one must devote a great deal of resources to education in this area. This is where SEO Idaho steps in. A great way to increase your business viability in the marketplace is through a search engine such as google. The entire business model of a company like google is to offer distribute accurate information to the end user through a search query. Think of it as the modern day phone book. With the advancement of technology, now users have streamlined data directly to their mobile devise.


What Is Organic Search Engine Results:

Let's talk for a minute about what exactly is organic search engine results. If we go back to the reference of the phone book this might paint a clear picture of what we are talking about. When the phone book first started many small businesses would pick a name for the business based on where it would place them in the phone book. Since many phone books used alphabetical order for your placement, most businesses would try to pick a business name that started with and "A" knowing this would place them up at the front of the list in the phone book. Since we all know phone books have become a thing of the past, small businesses must adapt their marketing strategy to correlate with with modern times. The world "Organic" basically means the natural order of things. Many consumers are familiar with this terms in reference to food products. In this instance, we are referring to organic in the sense of natural placement in a google search. These organic search engine


results are the listings in google or any other search engine that appear directly under the ads. In google there are only 10 organic website listing results per page. In order to place your website at the top of the results, one must optimize their website to achieve these results. If you go to google and type a search, this is considered a keyword phrase. In order to get your website in front of the correct audience one must identify which keyword phrases are the best for your small business to optimize. I will explain more in depth what a keyword phrase actually is below. See picture example of organic search.

What Is Website Optimization?

Website optimization is a structure by which you allow search engines to easily access your website content to gain traction within the search engines. It is important to note there are various search engines on the market today. The number one by far is Google. Then there are many smaller ones such as bing, yahoo, aol, hotbot, lycos and so on. Even youtube has become a form of search engine for users trying to locate video data on a specific subject. All of these search engines use a algorithm to determine how they can display the most accurate and relevant information to the end user. In order to "optimize" your website, you must adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the major search engines such as Google. This is where SEO Idaho comes in. We will run a algorithm audit on your website to determine the best course of action to achieve top organic ranking in the search engines. Search engine optimization is our specialty. If you want confirmation we know what we are doing, more than likely you just found this page on our website through a search engine search for: Search Engine Optimization Company Idaho Falls Idaho. Want further proof we know what we are talking about? Perform a google search like: Search Engine Optimization Company In Idaho, or SEO in Idaho or SEO in Boise Idaho. You will see, our company is at the top of the list. It is important to mention that SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization.

What is a keyword search phrase?

A keyword search phrase is what is typed directly into a search engine. For example, go to google and type in: search engine optimization company in Idaho. Many consumers are very familiar with a search phrase. It is important to note that if you are going to pay a firm such as ours to get you to the top of google, you want search phrases that are going to produce results. Often times we use this as an example. Let's say you want to buy a black lab puppy. If you go to a search engine and type in "black lab puppy" more than likely you will see a wikipedia post as well as pictures of black lab puppies since the search engine assumes you want to do research on a black lab puppy. Now, lets do a more direct google search. Go to any search engine and type in: registered akc black lab puppy for sale in Idaho. You will see that you get an entirely different set of organic search results. This is called a targeted search market research shows that a long tail search produces more qualified leads for a small business. It is important to do some market research when determining a keyword search phase for your small business.

How much does SEO cost?

There are a few factors when discussing SEO costs. First of all, what is your competitive market? Are you a tire shop in a town of 30 tire shops? Are you wanting top organic listing in a small town like Idaho Falls or a larger city such as Boise? Are you competing in the state of Idaho or the region of the northwest. Is your products or service competing on a national level or an international level. As you can imagine, the more competition the more work needed to secure top organic rankings. SEO Idaho is the only search firm in the state to publish our in state rates right on our website (click here for current rates). These published rates are minimums, but they do cover many small businesses in the state of Idaho. Just email or call us to get a free website audit and SEO quote. Traditional media marketing such as phone books, print, television, and radio are very difficult to track the return on investment. With organic search placement, every customer can be tracked and depending on your business, you can identify the exact return on investment. In order to have a long term mutually beneficial relationship, SEO Idaho understands the importance of getting our clients a great return on investment. Contact us here.

What Other Professional Services Does SEO Idaho Offer?

SEO Idaho is a complete website development company. Our services include but are not limited to: SEO, website design, website development, pay per click advertising, brand consulting, business branding, social media consulting, and for 2014 we are now offer mobile application development services in Boise Idaho. Are you looking for a mobile phone app for your small business in Idaho? Our team of professionals can help. We have started a new division of our company called OPTIX mobile app development for businesses that want a mobile application. We will even submit the application once development is finished to Apple and Android. We have successfully completed our first major mobile app development and have passed the qualification processes with Apple and Android. We do not provide social media engagement services. We feel in order to engage social media properly, this must be performed by an on staff employee of your small business who has an intimate knowledge of your business.