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SEO Idaho™ has been winning for clients in Nampa, Idaho and the surrounding Canyon County area for over a decade. As a local, award-winning digital marketing agency staffed with homegrown talent and outdoor enthusiasts, we have a unique understanding of the values and needs of Idaho clients. Not only are we local, but we’re also one of the best digital marketing agencies in the Northwest, consistently outperforming other agencies and ranking our clients above national and regional powerhouses through superior and innovative optimization practices..

With services from SEO Idaho™, you’re guaranteed to receive the best digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services in the state. We will work diligently to achieve results that exceed industry standards, helping your business grow brand awareness, drive additional website traffic, and boost sales. Our team of professional digital marketers have a proven track-record of achieving industry-beating results in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (also known as SEM, pay-per-click, or PPC), and social media marketing. We don’t outsource our services, and SEO Idaho’s specialists and account managers are well-versed in digital marketing best-practices, meaning they can intelligently discuss account performance with clients and rapidly make adjustments to campaigns and accounts to mitigate issues and drive better performance.

Being on the first page of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) is the difference between being found and being buried beneath your competitors. Approximately 92% of web searchers and their clicks go to the first page of Google. If your business isn’t in one of the top ten entries on Google Page 1 for your industry’s main keyword search terms, it’s a good time to reach out to SEO Idaho™. You’ll receive a FREE website audit, we’ll pre-vet your assets to see if they meet our criterio for initiating services, and we’ll also provide expert recommendations for achieving your marketing objectives going forward - even if you don’t sign with us! We’re here to help businesses in any way we can, within reason. If you’re interested in seeing your business at the top of Google search results here in the Treasure Valley, call us today to discuss your digital marketing goals, and we’ll identify the best marketing route for your business to take.
At SEO Idaho™, we do not sell services to clients when they’re not needed or when they will not be beneficial to a business. We value integrity-based decision making and action above all else, and our employees are guided by a simple motto in their day-to-day work:”‘Integrity First!” Thanks to our integrity-focused work, transparency of efforts, and exceptional results, SEO Idaho™ enjoys an industry-smashing client retention rate that exceeds 90% year-after-year (national average is close to 40%). Our exceptional client retention rate reflects the importance we place on building strong client relationships, some of which we’ve maintained since the very founding of the company. With SEO Idaho™, you’re not an account number, but a business owner or marketing manager who is entrusting us with the livelihoods of employees and success of the business, and we take that responsibility seriously.
SEO Idaho™ offers competitor-beating on-site, off-site, and technical SEO services, ROI-focused SEM(PPC) management, SMM creative and ads management services, prevalence boosting Business Profile and Directory Citation Audit & Consultation services, and award-winning website design & development, graphic & logo design, and website hosting services in Idaho and across the United States.

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If you have an existing website and want to see how your website's search engine optimization measures up, claim your free SEO audit.  If you are looking for digital paid ads, website design, logo design, or website hosting, please call us for more information.

SEO Idaho™ - Reach the Peak

  • SEO packages include comprehensive on-site, off-site, and technical optimization services, facilitating holistic optimization of your digital assets. We don’t think we can beat the competition, we know it.
  • WIth a client retention rate above 90%, you can comfortably assume we’re staffed with courteous, quick-to-respond, quick-to-correct, integrity-driven marketing specialists with the experience and know-how to outperform competitors (nice is great, but clients don’t stick around for middling results)
  • As a local, Boise-based company, we’re intimately familiar with the Treasure Valley and the businesses that operate in it. Don’t get swindled by national agencies who falsely claim or act like they are local - we’re actually located here in the valley and you can drop by our offices during regularly scheduled business hours for some quality face-to-face time, if desired. We may be tech nerds, but we still love seeing people.
  • SEO Idaho won the top honor for Idaho Business Review’s “Best Website Design Company” category two years in a row (2021, 2022), and we have no intention of easing off the gas.
  • Integrity-driven, our marketers will always communicate honestly and openly about the performance of your marketing campaigns. If there are issues, we don’t hide them. We identify corrective action, communicate our thoughts with the client, and then implement.
  • As a client, you retain ownership of all your digital assets throughout engagement. Did we build you a website? It’s your’s. DId we set up a Google Ads account for you? We’ll provide you access and upon termination of services, the account and it’s data are your’s. Additionally, we don’t play games with our client’s and their properties. If you cease services with SEO Idaho™, we will work with your new marketers to transfer all assets under their control and facilitate the transition to the best of our ability. We DO NOT hold client assets hostage to drive retention - ever.
  • SEO Idaho™ has experienced SEO specialists, PPC specialists, social media marketing specialists, a creative director, graphic artists, project managers, and a full-stack development team on staff. For substantially less than it would cost to salary a full-time marketer at your business, you receive a wealth of support and performant digital marketing services executed by industry experts that will exceed what can be achieved in-house.

If you’re interested in digital marketing or SEO services from Idaho’s top digital marketing agency, we’re happy to speak with you over the phone, meet with you in-person via virtual meetings or by visiting your business, or you and any interested staff are welcome to come meet with us at our offices, conveniently located at 827 E Park Blvd, Suite #200 (in the Morrison Foundation Building right next to the Boise River and a stone’s throw away from Alberston’s Stadium) in gorgeous Boise, Idaho. We’re just a quick drive away from Nampa.

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If you have an existing website and want to see how your SEO measures up, claim your free SEO audit.  If you are looking for digital paid ads, website design, logo design, or website hosting, please call us for more information.