What is SEO?

A Reference for SEO Beginners

A frequently asked question we get is "what is SEO"?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. All major search engines release an algorithm in regards to how they organically rank websites. It is our job to make sure your website is current with the latest algorithm. Think of it as tuning a performance engine. We go through your site and make all the necessary edits to ensure top rankings in all major engines. Keep in mind, it takes time to get to the top of Google. A few factors that determine how long it takes to get results: 


How large is your competitive market


Are you competing with local, regional, state-wide, nationel, or even international markets


Is your website built properly for search guidelines, including search engine friendly structure


Is your website hosting fast or slow


How long have you owned your website domain?


Are there keywords within your domain


How competitive are your keywords

What is Organic vs. Maps Google Placement?

What is Organic vs. Maps Google Placement?

Organic placement is the search results located just under the paid ads in keyword search. These are called "Organic" results. This is the natural placement that is a result of optimizing your website. There are many ways to optimize a website, but there is truly only one right way. What our firm does is first research your competitive market. Next, we identify keyword phrases that will actually make money for your business. One of the most important aspects of monetizing your website is determining which keywords are critical to have top rankings for.

What are keyword phrases?

A keyword phrase is the phrase typed by users to find specific information in a search. You more than likely typed in a search looking for a Idaho Falls SEO company and found us. This is a keyword phrase that is very important to our business model. After all, this is what we do for a living. It is important to note that the longer the phrase is, the more qualified the user is and the increased likely hood the user will turn into a paid customer. If you just type SEO in google you will see many articles on the topic. If you search for a company in Idaho that provides SEO services, then you have already decided you need some help in this area.

Will my website perform in Google or do I need a new one?

The answer depends on how old your website is and whether or not it was built as a content management system such as Worrdpress or Joomla. A straight html website can be optimized, it will just cost more time and money. In many cases it will actually be more affordable to build a site from scratch rather than re-tool your current website. SEO Idaho offers free website audits. Just call us, we will take a look free of charge and give you our professional recommendations.

Is SEO Idaho a one-stop development company?

Yes. Our staff can tackle any website development job large or small. SEO Idaho has even started a division of our company devoted to mobile application development. Are you considering a mobile app for your business? We can help. Call us today at for a free phone consultation. Are you looking for a mobile smartphone app company in Pocatello Idaho?

Is SEO Idaho local?

Our firm is located in Boise Idaho. We are happy to Skype, email, phone, or even text. If you would like to schedule a face to face, we are happy to accommodate. Meeting in-person by appointment only.