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What is Social Media Marketing?

It leverages ads, posts, images, and other content to engage with customers, promote products/services, increase site traffic, and grow brand recognition via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and more.

That’s a pretty verbose way of saying “social media marketing is marketing performed on social media platforms”. Need to up those perceived intellect stats though, so we’ll stick with the above definition.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing

The reasons your business should leverage social media marketing are succinct, but important. With social media marketing you can engage prospective customers where they are, grow brand recognition, increase site traffic, and promote your services and products.

- Engage with customers where they are (i.e. on the platforms they use)

  • There are approximately 3.6 billion people on social media, and they spend an average of nearly 2.5 hours on social platforms per day. If that’s not enticing enough for you, the number of users on social media is estimated to grow to approximately 4.4 billion by 2025.
  • Nearly half of the global population uses social media in one form or another. That’s a large potential customer pool. To capture a share of these audiences, you need to put your business in front of their eyes, which means meeting them where they tend to spend time. There’s no point in running ads or creating engaging content if no one is going to see it. That’s why social media marketing is critical. You need to get your business and your content in front of the right audience, and social media is an excellent avenue for doing that.

- Grow brand awareness

  • Generate a conversation around your brand
    • By creating and publishing engaging content on your social media accounts, you promote discussion about your brand and linking from others back to your posts and/or website.
  • Tell your brand’s story
    • Actively control the narrative around your brand by telling people about your business, your employees, your products, your culture, and the elements that separate you from your competitors
  • Build loyalty
    • 53% of Americans are loyal to the brands they follow on social media. By creating engaging content and sharing with users across social platforms, you’re growing not only your brand recognition, but also a loyal base of potential customers. Customers who know you, are more comfortable buying from you.
  • Social listening
    • Figure out what your prospective customers are talking about and why by monitoring social conversations. Gain insight into the friction points your potential customers are experiencing, and offer them a solution to gain leads. Use a similar tone and vernacular to create engaging content for your desired audience and align your business identity with potential customers.

- Increase site traffic

  • Drive traffic to your website by promoting engaging content via social posts
  • Increase backlinks via sharing of popular pages and posts on your website. Have a great article about how to install a new sink faucet? There’s likely several do-it-yourselfers and plumbing businesses who will want to link back to your content or share it if it contains useful information and is well written.
  • Build retargeting lists. Did someone click your post on proper hyena hygiene? Probably a good candidate for your latest product offering, the Tungsten Steel Hyena Brush. By collecting data about who visits or expresses interest in your content, you can build out performant retargeting lists to drive conversions later. Not everyone who engages with your business the first time will make a purchase decision. In fact, it’s more likely that they’ll need repeated exposure to your brand before they’ll finally invest their money in your products or services. You’ve probably heard of the “Rule of 7” – which is not a Lord of the Rings Movie, contrary to popular belief, but a marketing rule that says it takes an average of 7 exposures to a business’s marketing before a customer will make a purchase. Antiquated, yes, but the primary concept remains valid – the chances of a single interaction purchase are slim, and you need to put your business in front of prospective customers as many times as reasonably possible to close the sale.

- Promote services and products with advertising

  • Post that are ad-like tend to perform poorly, so run ads if you’re advertising, and create engaging content that is likely to be viewed, shared, and engaged with otherwise.
  • Share content
  • Build social proof. Are you the best in the bizz? Maybe, but how would anyone know. Build social proof by sharing awards, accolades, certifications and more with your targeted audience. Gain their confidence, and the sales will follow.
  • A/B testing

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Why Should SEO Idaho™ Manage Your Business’s Social Media Marketing Campaign?

You’re probably familiar with the most popular social media platforms out there, and you might be a bit of a social media guru yourself. Do you need SEO Idaho™ to manage your business’s social media campaigns? Maybe not, but do you really have the time, experience, and design skills needed to effectively make creative and run a social media marketing campaign for your business?

If you do, that’s fantastic! We love the authenticity that comes from client-managed social media campaigns, but we think your time is better spent managing the day-to-day operations of your company and leaving the social media stress to the experts. Below are some of the benefits that you’ll experience by letting SEO Idaho™ in Boise manage your social media marketing.

- Creative

  • Creative is hard, especially when it’s an ongoing endeavor. Our staff includes experienced graphic designers and creative personalities to make your posts engaging on a consistent basis.

- Scheduling

  • There are optimal times for posting content that vary by platform. Don’t know the schedule? Don’t fret, we do. Let us come up with your creative and schedule the posts or ads to display during optimal times, ensuring you receive the greatest amount of engagement possible.

- Analytics & Tracking

  • Unless you’ve developed an incredible sense for intuiting return on investment absent data, you’ll probably want a means of compiling data and tracking behavior. If you have some dev experience, this should be a pretty simple process. If not, that’s where we come in. Get the right tracking set up so you can have confidence in the data your seeing. We’ll also use this information to build retargeting lists, look alike audiences, and to adjust strategy as needed. Don’t “guess” if your campaign is working – know.

- Social Media Advertising

  • Various social media platforms offer businesses a heavily-utilized platform to advertise on, but the systems used to manage these ads can vary significantly. Let the experienced experts at SEO Idaho™ manage your social ads for less stress and better results.

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