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Google’s December 2020 Core Algorithm Update – 3 Potential Considerations

On December 3rd of this year, Google launched its third core algorithm update of 2020, and it’s been interesting. Quick review: large, core-algorithm updates by Google are different from the minor daily search updates Google implements. The small, daily updates implemented by Google are mostly imperceptible to normal search engine users and SEO specialists. Consider the fact Google implemented over 3,000 search improvements in 2018 at an average of almost 9 a day. How many of those updates can you recall or did you notice? Likely, none. Core algorithm updates, in contrast, have the potential to profoundly impact site rankings. Hence, core algorithm updates tend to be a noticeable source of angst in the SEO community, and often lead to a flurry of activity, data collection, and speculation occurring in the days and weeks surrounding the update.