The Purpose & Benefits of Google Analytics | SEO Idaho™

The Purpose & Benefits of Google Analytics | SEO Idaho™


Google Analytics is a web analytics service that pulls data from your website and visitors to provide insightful statistics that can be used with Google's analytical tools to help improve search engine optimization and the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Google Analytics lets users track their website's audience, behavior, and conversions. Using this data, Google provides users with data visualization tools that enable them to create custom reports to display changes in data over time.

How Google Analytics works

By adding a small piece of JavaScript measurement code to each page on your site, Google Analytics can collect user data. Every time a website visitor is on a webpage with the tracking tag, Google Analytics will collect anonymous data on how the user interacts with the page and will send it to an online data server. Google Analytics can collect data on metrics such as bounce rate, sessions by channel, average session duration, conversions, page views, and more. Google Analytics will also gather information on user dimensions like user language, browser type, traffic source, device type, operating system, and more. Using this data, you can use tools provided by Google Analytics to generate customizable reports to track and visualize data.


Google Analytics has a range of tools to help users visualize, collect, filter, segment, and share data. Features of Google Analytics include but are not limited to:
  • Tools for data visualization & monitoring
  • Tools for data filtering, segmenting & manipulation
  • Funnel analysis tools
  • Data collection API tools
  • Tools for predictive analytics & anomaly detection
  • Custom reports to analyze key performance metrics
  • Easy integration with other services such as Google Ads Manager, Google Data Studio, Salesforce, and Google Search Console


  • Google Analytics provides a range of benefits to its users. One of the most significant benefits to users is that Google Analytics is completely free. Users can access all of Google Analytics data collection, reporting, and visualization tools for free.
  • Another benefit of Google Analytics is that it is easy to use and beginner friendly. The Google Analytics platform is intuitive and Google provides tips and tutorials on Analytics Help. Google also makes it easy to integrate Analytics with other tools and platforms.
  • Google Analytics gives users an incredible tool to better understand their customers and how they interact across their websites. This helps users make informed decisions solve problems, and to improve return on investment.
  • A key benefit of Google Analytics is the automation of data. Google Analytics can instantly pull data from your website and Google Ads to give users real-time insights. The automatic collection of data in one place saves time and simplifies the process for users.
Using Google Analytics effectively can be a lot of work. Choosing which metrics to track, and interpreting all the data can be overwhelming. At SEO Idaho™ we are Google Analytics experts. Our team of marketing specialists is equipped to track metrics that are most relevant to your firm, and are skilled at interpreting the data, so we can help you make the best decisions for your business. Contact us today to learn how the SEO Idaho™ team can help your business with Google Analytics, SEO, and anything digital marketing.