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If you’re the market for custom wood cutting boards, look no further to MHW. Customers who prefer the look, feel and craftsmanship of a custom cutting board or butcher block, understand the difference between buying a generic board and one that’s been hand-crafted from the ground up.

The big question is, do you think it’s worth the investment? Short answer, yes. 

MHW’s tagline is, “making pieces your grandkids will be proud to own.” There’s no secret that furniture and other wood products for that matter, are not built the way they were when your grandparents were young. 

Large companies push high volume of products to maximize profit, but quality is often lost in the process. This same concept goes for anything manufactured these days, from kitchen appliances, electronics, etc. 

Customers looking for a high quality cutting board know that the craftsmanship that  goes into providing a quality product, takes time, labor & love. So naturally, buying a custom board will cost more than going to Wal-Mart and buying an off-the-shelf board. 

MHW primarily offers cutting boards and butcher blocks built from 3 different woods, Walnut, Maple and Cherry. They also build custom boards that include mixed blends of numerous woods, including many larger boards all the way up to kitchen islands. 

Custom Engraving

Often times, customers are looking to gift a cutting board to a friend or family member and asks about custom engraving, something of which MHW proudly offers. There’s no better way to make your board that much more special than custom engraving someone’s name, a message, etc. 

Quality of Woods Used

There are many reasons we use the species of wood that we do. Without going into too much detail, most cutting boards are made from hardwoods rather than softwood, and there’s a definite chemistry when mixing certain species of woods together which really provide a nice aesthetic accent for your board. 

In the end, if you’re in the market for custom wood cutting boards or butcher blocks, MHW provides beautiful masterpieces for everyone.